Last Updated: 8th September at 9:10am

Update on testing

Public Health England (PHE) and NHS Test and Trace have published new guidance designed to reduce the pressure on Covid-19 testing centres.

This is because many people are getting Covid-19 tests when they don’t need them, especially as more people start coming back together at the start of the new academic year.

You Need A Test If...

You develop one or more of the main coronavirus symptoms:

  • a high temperature;
  • a new, continuous cough;
  • the loss or change of their sense of taste or smell.

What To Do If You Have Covid-19 Symptoms

  • On campus - if you are at college and develop Covid-19 symptoms, please tell your tutor immediately or call first aid on 555 or 07867 831233.
  • Off campus - if you develop Covid-19 symptoms when not at college, please follow the NHS guidelines to stay home and get tested. You should not attend college. Call the NHS 111 online advice for more information.

Click here for the latest PHE advice on what you should do if you or someone you share a home with has Covid-19 symptoms.

You Don’t Need A Test If...

You experience the following symptoms:

  • Have a sore throat
  • Stomach upset
  • Headache

If you have these symptoms, the PHE advice is to:

  • Stay at home.
  • Seek medical advice from your GP or pharmacist.


Update on Campus Opening

Following on from the Prime Minister’s briefing on Sunday, I can confirm that the earliest that the college campus will open is 15th June. We will be opening if the Government advice remains the same, to a small number of students who would benefit from attending to progress in their course, and where predicted grades are not available. The following letter has been sent out to all learners, parents and carers. Please click the link below to read the letter.

Update on Campus Opening >

Undergraduate Centre - Campus Reopening 20/21

GCSE’s, AS and A levels

On 3rd April the Department for Education and Ofqual provided guidance to schools and colleges, students and parents, about the process for awarding GCSE, AS and A level grades this academic year. A letter was issued to learners from Ofqual and can be found here;

Ofqual Letter to Learners

A BSL signed video has also been produced by Ofqual with Information for students expecting GCSE, AS or A level results in summer 2020.


Further guidance and information from the Department for Education can be found from the following government website; Guidance and information from the Department for Education

The Department for Education have today (16th April) announced that grades will be awarded to A level learners on 13th August and to those studying GCSE’s grades will be announced on 20th August. 

The following letter sets out how the college is responding to the guidance issued by Ofqual and the Department for Education;

Letter to Parents and Students

Vocational Qualifications

Awarding organisations are working closely with Ofqual and the Department for Education, to provide guidance and assurance to schools, colleges and training providers as to how vocational qualifications will be awarded. The college is still committed to teaching and learning and encourages that all learners continue to actively take part in their online learning. We will provide further guidance and assurance around vocational qualifications once Ofqual and the Department for Education set out these expectations after the Easter break. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your vocational qualifications, linked to your learning please contact your curriculum delivery team. For more information please read the following letter addressed to Learners, Parents and Guardians.

Vocational Qualifications Letter to Students, Parents and Guardians Update - 15/05/2020

Vocational Qualifications Letter to Students, Parents and Guardians


Access to Higher Education

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has now confirmed the arrangements for awarding grades for Access to HE courses and these have been communicated directly to students. In support of this communication the QAA are holding a number of webinars for students who have queries and students can register for these by accessing the following link:


Higher Education

The college has been in regular and close contact with all of the validating institutions that we partner with for the award of the qualifications being studied. Universities and colleges have been working together to ensure that all students are able to complete their degree programmes as expected. To achieve this all teaching has moved online and all assessments have been reviewed and changed where necessary so that these can be achieved remotely.

Different universities are adopting different approaches to awarding grades however, in general there will be little change to the processes that were planned before the Covid-19 outbreak. All universities have committed to ensuring that students will not be disadvantaged purely as a result of the switch to online delivery.

All queries regarding any changes to assessments or exam board rules should be directed in the first instance to your curriculum delivery team.


We recognise that for all of us these are extraordinary times and we want to personally reassure you that the college is doing everything we can to maintain the delivery of learning for all our apprentices during this difficult period. All our Trainer Assessors and Lecturers are working hard to put sessions and resources online to enable your apprentices to continue their learning remotely.

Whilst we understand that many of you will be in the unfortunate position of having to furlough some of your Apprentices.  Under new Government guidance “furloughed” apprentices can continue their apprenticeship providing it does not provide income or provide service to their employer. Apprentices who are furloughed will be entitled to the support detailed in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and apprenticeship training undertaken will continue to be supported.

Should you wish to speak to your Account Manager please contact them directly, or email and we will direct your query as appropriate. Apprentices can continue to contact their Trainer Assessors directly.

Safeguarding, Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Find out more here >

Ramadan 2020 - Support information for students

Find out more here >



How should I travel to college?

The use of public transport to travel to and from education settings should only be used when no other option is available, and where it is totally necessary. This should not be during peak times.

The government have issued safety guidance for travelling via public transport: 
The college will ask you, prior to attending college, how you will travel. If you are travelling by public transport, someone will support you with information for specific travel routes and safety advice. 

Government guidance states that from the 15th June 2020 anyone using public transport must wear a face covering. For further guidance see the website here: 

Kinch and Arriva services have issued safety information for these services and this information can be found here: 

Protecting our Team
Social Distancing On-board
When's the best time to catch my bus?
Arriva Covid-19 FAQs

If you use another service, please let us know and we will support you with finding the safety advice issued by your bus service. 

If travelling by bicycle, safe storage arrangements will be made available. If you do not already have a cycle locker then please contact for further details. These will be made available free of charge to learners during this time. 

Will the View, Box Office, Café Chino and the LSU shop be open? 

The college cafés and restaurants will not be open during this time. There are currently no facilities available to prepare food and so you will need to bring your own lunch.  
We are also advising you to bring your own water bottle, clearly labelled as your own, so that you can access water throughout the day. If you do not have a water bottle, let us know and we can issue one to you. 

I receive Free Student Meals; how will I continue to receive this? 

From 20th March the college has paid an allowance to students via BACS for their free student meals. This will continue in the same way for anyone returning on 15th June. If you receive this allowance, you will need to ensure that you bring a packed lunch with you.   

I have been receiving support from Learner Services, will I continue to receive this? 

All learners with EHCP’s that are accessing the site have been contacted. If you have any questions about your additional support needs during this time, you can contact our student support team. 
All services will continue to operate remotely. There will also be someone from the additional learning support, safeguarding and mental health teams on site. 

What safeguarding provision will be in place? 

The college safeguarding process remains in place for all safeguarding referrals. If you have a concern about yourself or one of your peers, you can speak to your staff member who will make a referral to the safeguarding team. Or you can call the safeguarding team on 07979737474. 
The safeguarding policy has been updated and can be found here: 

If I am ill, should I still come into college?

No, even if you are slightly unwell, you should not attend college.

If I, or someone in my household is shielding, should I attend? 

No, if you or someone in your household is shielding you should not attend college. 

If I do not attend college, does this mean I will not achieve my qualification?

No, any learner who is unable to attend college will not be disadvantaged in any way and will have opportunities later to complete their qualification.

How is the college ensuring the safety of learners? 

  • Implementation of a COVID secure campus that includes the following:
  • Social distancing measures
  • Where social distancing cannot be achieved, physical barriers 
  • Increased hand sanitising, hand washing and appropriate signage as reminders 
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation around campus especially high touch point areas
  • Use of PPE i.e. face masks, gloves etc
  • Retaining students in ‘bubble groups’ to minimise contact and prevent mixing

Can I access a Coronavirus test?

All learners and their families will also have access to testing if they display symptoms of coronavirus: