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Whether you want to gain an additional qualification or you're planning a trip overseas, being fluent in another language is a valuable skill to have.

With wine tasting and culinary lessons included, our Language courses offer a unique approach to other, more traditional language programmes. We currently have a provision for courses at beginner and intermediate level, each of which are designed to teach the fundamental elements of the Italian language and culture.

Although we are only currently running courses in Italian, we are looking to expand our language provision over the coming months.

90 % of learners said staff valued student’s views and opinions about their study Programme
94 % of learners said the College campus provides a safe environment
91 % of learners said that teachers had high expectations that they would succeed on their study programme


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    This college is very good at helping you towards your next steps, whether it's university or apprenticeships.
    Very helpful and understanding staff willing to assist you in every way possible.
    Thoroughly enjoyed my course and will be signing up for Level 4!
    Very helpful and good motivation.
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