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Keep Kids Active

In partnership with the Daily Telegraph's Keep Kids Active campaign, Loughborough College is delighted to present our FREE series of online PE sessions to support children's health during the lockdown.

Laura Steele, one of our PE lecturers, has designed five excellent and engaging lessons aimed at children aged 10-14 and which can be done in any home, without the need for equipment or parental supervision.

Each lesson includes 30 minutes of input from Laura, followed by a 30-minute challenge for children to try at home.

The lessons will cover:

  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness
  • Multi-skills
  • Olympic Sports

All of our videos will be uploaded to this page from Monday, 18th January, 2021.

Please see the STEP tips for disabled people, families and friends for the PE sessions. Here are a few ways disabled people, their families and friends can adapt the activities on offer to make them more accessible. Read more here

In partnership withThe Telegraph's Keep Kids Active Campaign

Week 1

Monday Top Athletics

Tuesday Gymnastics

Wednesday Fitness

Thursday Multi Skills

Friday Olympic Finale

Week 2

Monday Home Athletics

Tuesday Dance

Wednesday Fitness Workout

Thursday Fitness Components

Friday Challenges Lesson

Week 3

Monday Yoga

Tuesday HIIT

Wednesday Dance

Thursday Speed, Agility & Coordination

Friday Balance & Stretch

Week 4

Monday 30 Minute Seated Workout

Tuesday Soccercise

Wednesday Weightlifting

Thursday Box Fit

Friday Pilates

Week 5

Monday Upper Body & Interval Workout

Tuesday Field Hockey

Wednesday Strength, Conditioning & Stamina

Thursday Dance Aerobics

Friday Sprint Training

Parents urged to Step Into Health

Parents and adults aged 19+ can boost their knowledge, health and wellbeing by signing up to our FREE Step Into Health qualification.

The qualification, which is delivered by a personal tutor, is a 13-week course which provides life-changing insight to improve nutrition, healthy lifestyles, physical activity and stress management. Please note, this is available in England only.

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