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Apprentice James Wins Prestigious Regional Award

Posted: 12th July 2023 - 12:23pm

A Sports Coaching learner is celebrating after receiving the esteemed Higher Apprentice of the Year award at the annual Leicester Employment Hub’s graduation ceremony.

Level 4 Apprenticeship student James Iliffe-Webster was recognised for his dedication and drive whilst undertaking a placement at Forest Way School, a local specialty academy.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Leicester City Employment Hub at De Montfort Hall, welcomed 120 learners as well as Leicester Lord Mayor, Councillor Dr Susan Barton who presented the award to James.

Reflecting on James’s progress over the year, Progress Tutor Sunny Chavda shared, “James truly connected with the students at Forest Way, where he has had a significant impact. Being a student one minute, and a full-time employee the next in a school setting is not an easy task, however James went above and beyond for those learners which shows how he deserves the award.

“James has greatly improved his time management and personal organisation skills, which will support him throughout his life and all future endeavours.”

“As his progress tutor, I am incredibly proud to have witnessed his growth over the past two years, and to have his accomplishments celebrated to this level.”

Higher Apprenticeships are available in England at Levels 4 and 5, and James’s Level 4 qualification is the equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree. Both levels are available to join through Loughborough College, alongside Intermediate, Advanced, and Degree level courses.