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Engineering Students Explore Renewable Opportunities with Guest Speakers

Posted: 23rd February 2024 - 3:00pm

Students from across the Electrical Installation and Engineering were inspired to explore the future of clean energy thanks to an inspiring dual presentation from Menlo Electric and FoxEss, leaders in renewable energy, the fastest growing industry in the UK.

Luke Stanger of Menlo Electric, who distribute solar components to over 40 countries worldwide and Greg Hockin of FoxEss, a global leader in the development of inverter and energy storage systems spoke of the lucrative and exciting job opportunities available.

With the consideration of the future of the planet more vital than ever, the need for renewable energy has never been greater; leading to employment prospects globally, as well as in the UK.

Luke talked about working in the energy industry gives employees the chance to travel the world how companies like Menlo are looking to take on new talent to embrace the ever-growing energy market. In addition, Greg demonstrated some of FoxEss’s ground-breaking products that centre around reliability and the ease to install.

First year Space Engineering student, Hugo Coats said, “I really liked seeing the physical products that Greg brought along, and learning about the differences in the types of battery storage systems.”

During the presentation, Greg explained the pros and cons of hybrid battery storage systems, and the advantages of AC coupled solar battery storage systems, which are popular with households who already have solar panels.

Marcus Tenniswood, who is also on the Queen’s Anniversary Prize winning Space Engineering programme added, “I liked the innovation that can be applied to the solar industry. The possibilities of what can be achieved now and in the future are endless.”