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Programme Leader Reflects on Importance of Armed Forces Day

Posted: 24th June 2023 - 10:00am

In celebration of Armed Forces Day, Loughborough College is placing a spotlight on its Curriculum Manager for Public and Uniformed Services, Tim Turner.

Tim, who joined the College in 2007, has had an expansive career in the Forces, including holding the position of Master-at-Arms for the Royal Navy.

Having developed a number of transferable skills, Tim was keen to share his knowledge and experience with students looking towards a similar career path. During his time with Public and Uniformed Services learners, Tim has instilled vital skills into the curriculum.

“Employability skills, plus confidence, initiative, self-belief, and communication are just some of the abilities we encourage for learners,” says Tim. “The knowledge gained from their courses allow students to have more choice for their futures, and leaves them more able to adapt in a fast-changing world.”

Learners on Public and Uniformed Services courses have gone on to a wide range of careers, with alumni now serving in policing, the emergency services, and the Armed Forces. By comparison, many students have used their experience with the College to develop into more diverse areas like teaching, civil service, aviation, and disaster management.

Loughborough College has a long standing relationship with all branches of the armed forces. In March, the British Army band Colchester held an exclusive performance for staff and students, and in 2017 the College was named a winner of the Ministry of Defence’s ERS Silver Award in recognition of its support to armed forces in the workplace.

Hoping to continue to inspire future generations of the Armed Forces community, Tim reflected on the three crucial abilities he instils in the College’s learners; Leadership, teamwork, and personal discipline. He added: “Apply these to most days and you will have more good ones than bad.”

Armed Forces Day, which is part of the wider Armed Forces Week, observes and celebrates the dedication and sacrifices of the men and women of the British Armed Forces community. From currently serving troops, to Service families, veterans, and cadets, there are thousands of people recognised and honoured for their commitment to the Armed Forces each year.