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Business and related research professionals carry out a variety of research activities for the broadcast and print media, for the police and armed forces intelligence services, for national security agencies and in other non-scientific areas.

Current Entry Requirements

Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification. Training is usually provided on-the-job, or support may be given for postgraduate study. Professional qualifications are available in some areas.

Typical education level:

Level 4-6

Typical Tasks

  • Liaises with production team to generate and develop ideas for film, television and radio programmes.
  • Research sources for accurate factual material, finds suitable contributors to programmes or print features and deals with any copyright issues.
  • Briefs presenters, scriptwriters or journalists as required via verbal or written reports.
  • Provides administrative support for programme development such as booking facilities.
  • Provides support to criminal intelligence or to military or other security operations by gathering and verifying intelligence data and sources.
  • Presents findings in the required format, via written reports or presentations.
  • Researches images for clients in a wide range of media using specialist picture libraries and archives, museums, galleries etc., or commissions new images.
  • Liaises with client on the appropriate image/s to be used.
  • Deals with copyright issues and negotiates fees.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension
Critical Thinking
Active Learning
Active Listening
New Job Opportunities
An 1.3% rise in employment is expected by 2018 in the East Midlands.

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Company: Partner Recruiter

Location: Coventry


Company: Partner Recruiter

Location: Coventry


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