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Dental nurses prepare patients for, and assist with, dental examinations, prepare and sterilise instruments and maintain case records.

Current Entry Requirements

Entry is most common with GCSEs/S grades. Training is available both off- and on-the-job. Most entrants work towards the National Certificate for Dental Nurses.

Typical education level:

Level 4-6

Typical Tasks

  • Prepares patient for examination.
  • Prepares and sterilises instruments and follows guidelines to maintain sterile conditions within the surgery.
  • Hands required equipment and medication to dentist during examination.
  • Assists with minor treatment, such as preparing materials for fillings.
  • Removes water and saliva from patient's mouth during treatment.
  • Maintains records, processes and mounts x-ray films and undertakes reception duties.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension
Active Listening
Active Learning
Learning Strategies
New Job Opportunities
An -0.6% fall in employment is expected by 2018 in the East Midlands.

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