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We would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents, carers and guardians of young people studying, or hoping to study, at Loughborough College.

For many young people, coming to Loughborough College means making a new start, meeting new people and facing new challenges. As a College, we are committed to supporting our students throughout their time here and we value our relationship with their parents, guardians and carers.

Parents of students starting new courses in September will receive some important information either in the post or brought home by the student. If you do not receive this by the end of September, please give us a call and we will make sure that one is sent to you.

The information will include details of term dates, who to contact if you wish to talk to one of the tutors, parents' evenings and other information about the course studied by your son or daughter. We hope you will find this useful. Other information which may be of interest to you may be accessed from this website.

Loughborough College Chief Executive

Data protection, equality, diversity and safeguarding

Communication with parents, carers and guardians:

During the year we invite parents, guardians and carers to events in order review and celebrate our student’s successes. We will let you know about these events through letter and text. Details of how each team keeps in touch can be found in the parents section of the Loughborough College website in the link to Parents at the foot of the main page.

Data Protection:

We are able to speak to a young person’s parent, carer or guardian if they are under the age of 19 at enrolment, and they have given us permission to do so. To contact someone at the college about any concerns or questions you may have about your young person or their programme of study, please ring the College directly on 01509 215831 and the receptionist will be able to put you through to the Curriculum Head or Learning Coach if you know the programme of study.


All students, staff and visitors wear lanyards while they are on site. Students need to remember to wear these to College everyday. If a student loses their lanyard they will be required to pay £5.00 for a replacement.

Programme of Study

Progression to college is an important phase in a young person’s life where they (and parents/carers) have expectations of how they can gain new skills for adulthood. As a College we are funded by the Government and this means that we have expectations of our students.

Induction Period:

All our full time students undertake a college induction at the beginning of their programme of study, and also have a 1:1 review with their Learning Coach. This is to check that they are settled on the right programme. If there are any concerns about their behaviour, attendance or academic progress during their first few weeks at college, we will make sure that you are contacted and involved in any actions that may be taken, which might be a transfer to another course or level. Very occasionally a student may be asked to leave if it is clear that they are not willing or able to abide by the Student Charter, or have behaviour concerns that are so serious that they, or other students and members of staff are put at risk.


Every student has an electronic ILP (Individual Learning Plan) where students can find all the information they need relating to their studies and progress and can also add in information as time goes by. The ILP is the key source of information and it is important that they check this regularly. The areas of the ILP include:

  • The qualifications they are studying
  • Qualifications on entry
  • Goals and targets
  • Timetable
  • Attendance record
  • Expected grades
  • Grades achieved on their current programme
  • Information related to their study and support given
  • Progress reports
  • Concerns and disciplinary actions

Your young person can view their Individual Learning Plan anywhere from any computer or a mobile device with internet access.


Ask your son/daughter to show you LearnZone, which is our online Learning Environment and contains all their key course information. This can be accessed from any computer which has access to the internet and hosts course materials, notes, and important dates such as assignment schedules. LearnZone is accessible using a college user name and password.

Parental involvement:

Although our contract is with the student to encourage them to take an independent role in their learning we recognise that parents, guardians and carers have a central role in supporting students. The Parental Involvement Policy provides details of when and how we involve you in aspects of your young person’s activities at college. It is important to note that we are unable to contact parents unless the young person has given us permission to do this as part of the Data Protection Act. It is therefore important that we are given permission at enrolment so that we can fully involve you in supporting your young person at college.

The Parental Involvement Policy can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of the college website.

Readiness for Employment

College life prepares students for adulthood. Our courses prepare young people for work opportunities including apprenticeships and voluntary or paid work with local employers. Further study at University is also a popular option for many.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Attendance is very important. If a student misses lessons they also miss out on valuable aspects of learning for the programme they are studying. Learners who miss lessons tend to fall behind with their work and often leave without achieving their qualification. We recognise that there are times when a student will need to miss a lesson, such as for an interview, driving test, medical appointment, or if they are genuinely ill.

All students have an attendance target of 95%, their record of attendance can be viewed on their ILP and this is live data. We recommend that students check this regularly to ensure that they are not falling below the minimum requirement and to make sure that the record is accurate.

If your young person needs to miss college it is important that they ring the absence hotline as early as possible on 01509 618252 and give their name, student number, course, and reason for absence. Where possible we also need to know when they will be back in college.

Student discipline:

As part of our College Processes, we have a Discipline Policy for Students and a Discipline Procedure for Students in place. The welfare and wellbeing of our students depends on the reasonable and disciplined behaviour of all college members. We have expectations of conduct, attendance and work performance as indicated in the Three Way Commitment and Student Charter.

The Discipline Procedure for Students is designed to help students to achieve and maintain the high standards set by the college. The aim is to ensure consistent and fair treatment for all by setting out the action that will be taken if the College rules are broken. The Discipline Policy for Students can be found at the foot of the College website.

If we feel that a student is not performing to the standards set by the Student Charter then it may be necessary to start disciplinary procedures. We aim to intervene as soon as possible to help students make the right choices regarding their conduct and improvements needed to ensure they can be successful on their journey at Loughborough College. If a student reaches state 2 of the disciplinary process we will involve parents (this is very much dependent on the nature of the issue and we may involve you sooner if we feel this is appropriate). The Discipline Procedure for Students can be found on our website and explains each stage.

Student Wellbeing:

We recognise that occasionally we have students who become unwell due to mental or physical problems, and therefore become unfit to continue with their studies. In these cases, we have a college Fitness to Study Policy and a Fitness to Study Procedure which are designed to intervene in circumstances where a young person’s wellbeing gives cause for concern. This process is designed to be invoked when the College Disciplinary Procedure is not appropriate. In the event of this occurring, we would expect to involve parents as appropriate. The links to these two documents are on the foot of the college website in the Policies and Procedures page.

Curriculum Support for students:

Whilst studying at Loughborough College all students will have a Learning Coach who will support them, undertake 1:1 tutorials and group tutorials, and set SMART targets during their journey. Students will have group tutorials as part of their timetable which will cover themes such as employability skills such as job search, applications and interview skills, health and wellbeing and study skills as well and help in supporting them to make their next step into work or further education and training.

Teachers will work with students to help them learn the material and understand the topic they are studying. They may also set assignments and work with students to support them in their studies. However we expect students to develop their independence and expect students to spend as one and half times the time spent on a subject to help develop their knowledge and understanding.

All courses also have a Course Leader who is responsible for the day to day running of the course and ensuring that students receive the information they need to help them achieve, such as their timetable, terms dates, assessment deadlines and exams.
All teams have a Manager who is responsible for the day to day running and operations of that curriculum.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

The College offers individual guidance and support to students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties/dyslexia or other sensory impairments, mental health difficulties, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, unseen disabilities, or any long term physical or medical condition that affects their studies.

We offer a counselling service with two full time counsellors, male and female. There is also support available to students who are looked after, care leavers, young carers, young parents and those undergoing rehabilitation as a young offender. We offer the appropriate support after an initial assessment which will take place usually before the course starts.

Members of our team attend Welcome Events and Open Days prior to enrolment. Please ensure your son/daughter ticks the relevant boxes on the Welcome Event form so we can contact them as early as possible to arrange an assessment.

The following are some examples of the support we may offer subject to an assessment of a student’s need:

  • in class learning support
  • exam arrangements such as extra time (note there are strict deadlines set by exam boards for applying for these)
  • dyslexia support strategies
  • study skills support
  • communication support

All course offers are subject to the College being able to meet support needs so assessment is mandatory where a support need is declared. A place will not be refused but there may be a delay in starting the course until support is identified.

Once enrolled, if your young person feels that they are not coping with their course they should discuss this with their Learning Coach or Course Leader who will be able to refer them for further help through Student Support. Alternatively they can seek this help independently if they prefer by making an appointment through Student Support Office, based in the HUB or emailing or telephone 01509 618313.

Information on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision at Loughborough College is included in the Leicestershire Local Offer

The College is based in Leicestershire but works across other county boundaries with students living in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. If you would like more information on the SEND policy for your home address, please contact your local educational authority who will explain more about their systems for your catchment area.

Successful Students

As a parent / carer we hope you will work with your young person to support them in becoming an independent learner and successful in their subjects. You can do this by helping your young person to:

  • Find a quiet place to study
  • Have access to a computer/internet
  • Find a time to study
  • Meet their deadlines
  • Get up for College in the morning
  • Proof read their work
  • Manage their part-time work and family commitments
  • Get enough rest
  • Please note that any special arrangements for exams must have medical and/or support evidence provided within the deadlines set by the exam boards

Key Dates and Terms Dates

Term dates

Term dates will be given to students during their induction to the College. Please note that some holiday dates may vary depending on the student’s programme of study, and it is important to check with the Course Leader for any variations. We advise students not to take time off during term time and take their holidays outside of study times.

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