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Loughborough College was the ideal choice for BSS Industrial employee Aaron Hayto, who is studying HNC Automation and Control Engineering.

"I sat down with my manager and looked at apprenticeships that could apply to my job role, and we managed to shortlist a few. After that, I had a tour of each shortlisted college, and it became clear that Loughborough College was very welcoming, and the facilities looked great," he said.

Loughborough College has a top-notch campus and a great future for engineering students.

So far, the course has been a terrific experience for Aaron. In his own words, "It is difficult, without a doubt, but I am enjoying the challenge. The tutors let us work in class and at home, which provides a good balance."

He further states, "If you have a problem with your assignments, the tutors will help you, and if you cannot finish it on time, deadlines will be extended."

Impressed with the outstanding facilities and level of teaching at Loughborough College, he said, "I am now 4-5 months through this course and have seen first-hand the level of teaching at this college, which is exceptional. In addition, Loughborough College has a top-notch campus and a great future for engineering students, with another building currently being built where all practical lessons will take place."  

According to Aaron, Loughborough College and BSS Industrial are both outstanding in terms of support. "If I need to work on a day I am supposed to attend college, the lessons get recorded so I can go to work and catch up on it later. In terms of my employer, if I need more time on my assignments, I can ask for a few hours off to complete the college work, provided we are not too busy," he stated.

At BSS Industrial, Aaron's duties include; assembling plate heat exchangers, setting safety relief valves, creating unit heaters, and making actuated packages. In addition, he produces test certificates, processes build on the computer and handles paperwork.

In terms of his work experience, he said, "My experience working at BSS Industrial has been fantastic, and I appreciate learning different things and challenging myself with complex builds."

The apprenticeship route has been the right choice for Aaron. He would recommend it to anyone considering it. "It's the most effective way to learn; a perfect mix of classroom and practical learning to expand your knowledge and skills."

Aaron's career goal is to pass this course and then complete the HND in Engineering to advance his knowledge and education. After that, he wants to "work for massive engineering companies such as Rolls Royce, or maybe stay at BSS and climb up the ranks," he concluded.

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