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Mansoor Pirbhai | Level 3 BTEC in Engineering

Developing a keen interest in Engineering from an early age, Mansoor decided it was time to act and pursue his ambitions. 

He always wanted to study abroad and chose Loughborough College because of its great reviews and reputation for sports, which influenced his decision to come to Loughborough.

Studying at Loughborough College is a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally; it's an ideal launchpad to build a future career.

“Before moving to the UK, I spend my entire life in my home country of Kenya. I decided that I wanted to go to a College in the UK for personal and professional growth. And to improve my chances of having a career in engineering.”


Settling in to a new life

"The first few weeks, I was homesick and found settling in a new environment a little challenging." Moving to a foreign country may seem like a daunting task at first, but Mansoor hit the ground running after a few weeks, settling in and gaining independence.

"Once I met my hallmates and made friends at College, it made me feel better. Apart from that early setback, I encountered no other issues during the initial stage of settling to life in the UK." 


Studying at Loughborough College

Choosing to move from Mombasa to Loughborough in order to achieve the qualification he wants, Mansoor has found student support invaluable in helping him with life at the College. "As an international student, the most crucial thing I needed was support, and I feel pleased to say I received that in abundance from my tutors and other staff.      

I am very happy with my course, and it has given me the best possible experience thus far. The lessons are exciting and engaging, and there is always something new to learn.

The teaching staff are hands-on to assist me with anything. I can contact my tutors anytime; they are very supportive and have helped me with things I learned but could not comprehend. While the tutors and other staff members might put on a professional front in lessons, they will show you how supportive they are if you ask to see them.

Also, the College has a friendly and warm atmosphere that makes you fit in nicely, and students are encouraged to interact and socialise.    

So far it has been a great experience studying here. And I look forward to the following years studying at Loughborough College.”


A typical week and weekend as a Loughborough College student

"I have classes three times a week, from morning to afternoon. After I finish classes for the day, I go to the gym and work on my fitness.       

Once I get home, I make good use of my culinary skills and cook a good meal, and before I retire to bed, I study for an hour.

The weekends are ideal for completing my scheduled tasks for the forthcoming week. And later in the evening, I relax and socialise with my hallmates.   

I enjoy going out with my friends on some weekends, and at times we travel together and explore new cities and towns."


Advice to prospective learners

"Studying at Loughborough College is a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally; it's an ideal launchpad to build a future career.

I would recommend Loughborough College to future international learners as I have had a good experience. The College offers excellent services, a friendly environment, welcoming staff and a wide variety of resources. 

Also, the support services here are exceptional, and there is a real focus on giving you all you need to succeed.

I won't leave this College with just a qualification but an unforgettable experience."



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