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Testing at College

The health, safety and wellbeing of the entire college community is our top priority at Loughborough College.

As we fully re-open following lockdown on 8th March 2021, we have been asked by the government to put in place a testing regime to help break the chains of COVID-19 transmission and ensure the safety of everyone who visits our campus.

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Exams Information

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Updated 5th January 2021

Following the government’s announcement of a full national lockdown for England from 4th January 2021, it means Loughborough College will: 

  • move to full online learning for all students, in line with College timetables 

  • the campus will be open ONLY for: 

    • Our vulnerable children and young people with ECHPs on our Steps to Success, Vocational Pathways, Progression to Employment and Supported Internships, entry level and transitions programmes, whom we have supported throughout the pandemic 

    • The Radmoor Nursery 

    • Accommodation students   

  • All public-facing facilities will remain closed including the Radmoor Restaurant, Radmoor Fitness Centre & Gym and the training salon.  

As always, our priority is to make sure wellbeing and learning are supported. If you have any concerns about mental health and wellbeing during lockdown, our safeguarding and wellbeing team is here to support.  

Please call the safeguarding team on 07979 737474 or visit for more information. 

Please follow the rules and the safety guidance of hands, face and space. 

Remote Education

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to learners and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education.

Individual Learners Self-isolating

Individual learners self-isolating, and unable to attend classes onsite, will be given the opportunity to join the class remotely. Alternatively, where it is not possible for the student to join remotely, set work will be provided by the tutor. Any independent work that is set both during and following these classes will still be expected.

Groups Self-isolating and National Lockdown

If an entire group is self-isolating or working remotely, sessions/classes will be delivered via Microsoft Teams or through the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment: LearnZone). We will endeavour to deliver these sessions/classes in accordance with the planned curriculum timetables, but those that require practical equipment and facilities may need to be scheduled at alternative times. Any independent work that is set both during and following these classes will still be expected.

Practical Delivery


Wherever possible, students on practical courses are encouraged to practice their skills at home using the equipment provided by the College (e.g. hairdressing, catering). Where this is not possible (e.g. engineering), the focus of the course has moved to the theory aspects during lockdown, with a view of pursuing practical work once we can safely return to campus. Additional ‘catch up’ sessions will be planned on learners’ return to our specialist workshops to enable them to practice and develop practical skills in order to complete their courses as early as possible


Learner Engagement

Learner engagement will be monitored on a weekly basis. Non-engagement will be logged through concerns on the ILP (Individual Learner Plan) and raised with parents and carers in accordance with the College’s policies.

1:1 Tutorials

1:1 Tutorials will be delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams or an alternative suitable platform.


Assessment arrangements will vary depending on the awarding organisation. The college will ensure that students have information on the assessment arrangements for their programme of study. Students will receive timely formative assessment on their academic performance.

Learner Feedback

Learners will receive feedback through various mechanisms, for example remotely via Microsoft Teams (and associated Microsoft applications), the VLE, Turnitin, e-mail or phone.


The College will support apprentices in all elements of their study as stated above. This includes supporting those who are on furlough from their employer. Should an apprentice have to self-isolate and during a period of national lockdown staff will continue to visit the student virtually where appropriate to do so and will liaise with employers.

Trainer Assessors will continue to support apprentices remotely via Smart Assessor, college emails, Microsoft Teams and mobile phone communication, and all timetabled sessions will be replaced by online digital sessions, in line with current timetables.

Lecturers and Trainer Assessors will continue to be available to support with any questions regarding work and will also continue to record and monitor apprentices progress and keep apprentices and employers fully informed and updated.

Apprentices must continue to log their participation in 20% Off-The-Job Training Hours via Smart assessor e-portfolio.

Access to Technology

Learners without a suitable device can apply for the loan of a laptop through the college’s laptop loan scheme.

For learners who have identified connectivity issues at home, space can be provided on campus to enable them to engage in online sessions/classes and complete any independent work.

The College has engaged with Vodafone to access a large quantity of SIM cards with data access for use from January 2020. These will enable learners with connectivity issues to access our remote education and engage in sessions/classes whilst at home.

Higher Education

Higher Education students who experience difficulties in accessing the available resources as a result of the pandemic, may apply for grant funding to support with costs that are directly affecting their studies. Application forms have been emailed to all students together with instructions and eligibility criteria.

Support for Learners with SEND

The blended learning approach has been developed to support learners finding it difficult to access remote education, specifically:

  • Priority laptop access for those most in need (more than 300 available and identified at enrolment).
  • Some learners participating in a ‘remote’ class/session onsite at College (who would otherwise not be able to engage fully from home).
  • Flexible study programmes for learners who are vulnerable or at risk of disengaging.
  • LSAs timetabled to support online delivery classes.
  • Increased contact from key workers to support and check on progress.

This policy also links to the Safeguarding Annex Policy for January 2021, which outlines further support for all vulnerable learners.

Expectations of Learners When Learning via Microsoft Teams

Please see the following document for the College’s expectations of learners when using Microsoft Teams for remote learning.

View the document here


We have put together guidance, information and FAQ's for Students, Applicants and Staff. These will be expanded and updated as more information becomes available, so check back in the future for updates.

Useful Resources

Here are a few useful links for students and staff working off-campus.