Loughborough College student wins gold to become national judo champion

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Loughborough College student wins gold to become national judo champion

A Loughborough College student has been named women’s national judo champion – only two years after taking up the sport.

At 16, Ella Beale had barely entered the senior category but nevertheless won gold at the Open National Championships (over 70kg) claiming victory with ippon, the highest score achievable in Japanese martial arts.

In fact, of the ten competitions Ella has entered she has won gold in all but one.

“I only fought twice at the Open Nationals and beat both my opponents by throwing them to land flat on their back, which gives you an immediate win.

“I was so happy to win gold. I had actually fought and beaten the same two opponents last year as well – when I won my weight category and took the title at the Closed National Championships,” said Ella, who studies Sport at Loughborough College.

“I only took up judo a couple of years ago at the suggestion of a friend and I love it.

“I did kickboxing for almost ten years but I am so pleased I moved over to judo. I am with Quorn Judo club and I’ve recently taken up MMA too – so now I’m training six days a week.

"I really enjoy these sports. There’s no dancing around, just punching, kicking and throwing. It’s great fun.

“I have been competing in judo for Loughborough College in the Schools Championships and will soon get my green belt. There are a few more after that but I am pleased with my progress.

“I am hoping to keep advancing to bigger and better competitions internationally as well as nationally – who know, perhaps I may even compete in the Olympics in a few years’ time.”

And Ella is not the only Beale winning top titles – mum Angela last year scooped a Loughborough College Outstanding Teacher Award.

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