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Degree-level engineers at Loughborough College have been showcasing cutting-edge projects set to have a key impact on our everyday lives.

A full day and evening of presentations saw students who are studying HNC and HND Electrical and Mechanical engineering at the College offer innovative ideas designed to solve a range of issues.

“Engineering is about a lot more than just theory, maths, wires and spanners!” said Laurence Wilkins, Lecturer in Higher Education Engineering at Loughborough College.

“As part of the design process for a structure, machine or piece of electronic equipment, engineers need to communicate.

“The project part of their course enables our students to explore beyond the classroom and, often working to a fixed budget and timescale, identify a problem before researching, designing, modelling or sometimes even building their solution and presenting their findings.”

Robert Keighery’s go-kart was, said Laurence, an exciting mix of mechanical and electrical engineering. “When you hear the phrase ‘electric vehicle’ many people might think ‘milk float’ but this offered a glimpse into the future of vehicle propulsion – and, Robert told us, was good for a perfectly scary 50mph.”

The Vacuum Stop Calibration Rig designed by Luke Hopewell has saved thousands of pounds for the firm he works for as well as boosting the accuracy of their products. “These include precision high pressure oil pressure sensors for the aerospace industry, so next time we travel in a large ‘plane, we’ll have Luke to thank for the fact that the aircraft’s hydraulic systems were being perfectly monitored throughout,” explained Laurence.

Michael Lindsay had been given a budget of £15,000 by a major electrical engineering company to produce a demonstration system to show prospective buyers and users how to get the best from the company’s Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) equipment. “So Michael designed an AVR Training Rig to show how this sophisticated control system helps regulate the output of large electrical power generators - keeping lights on around the world.”

Pictured: Loughborough College Engineering staff and students including Laurence Wilkins (far right) and Robert Keighery (seated with his electric go-kart)

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